Services offered:

- NEW! - Google Drive mount (For backup, file storage, etc) - Backup script included
Price: 110 USD

- MariaDB Installation/Configuration and tweak
Price: 60 USD

- HOT! - EPG Update Fix
Price: 80 USD

- HOT! - Server Hardening (Admin Area, SSH, Kernel and more)
Price: 240 USD

- HOT! - Optimization Service (CPU, Network, Buffers, Limits)
Price: 75 USD on main server - 25 USD per LB
Information: CPU (Always at maximum performance), Network (Tweaks on Kernel), Disk (Improved write/read), Buffers (OS), Ubuntu Limits and MySQL Tweaks

- Remote Secure Backups (Encrypted & Triple Redundancy)
Price: 40/m USD

- HOT! - Proxy for Main server - Hide main server IP! (12 locations available)
Price: 99/m USD or 300 USD one time

- NGINX, PHP-FPM and OpenSSL update for XC (Exploits, bugs and vulnerability fixes)
Price: 350 USD

- HOT! - SSL Configuration for XC Main and Load Balancers (with valid SSL)
Price: 40 on main server - 20 USD per LB

- Cloudflare (Integration Fix for main server)
Price: 80 USD

- Migration from XC 1.00.60/59 to XC V2 (Database, including all necessarry fixes)
Price: 90 USD

- HOT! - Radarr (New version)/Sonarr Installation (Sab~ included)
Price: Both for 80 USD and one of them for 50 USD

- Full Installation with 1 LB installed / Ubuntu 14-16-18 (1x main and 1x LB)
Price: 70 USD

- Complete Main Server Migration (One server to another)
Price: 50 USD

- LB Reconfiguration (Main migration)
Price: 20 USD (each LB)

- LibCURL3 and 4 simultaneously working (Scripts, PHPMyAdmin,  working on the same server, example.)
Price: 45 USD

- General Support (Per client basis and personal)
Price: Quote for your needs

- NEW! - 24/7 Tech Support Package
Price: Starting at 450/m USD

- BETA - OpenVPN Integration with XC user/pass (Host you own OpenVPN Server with XC Database authentication)
Price: 350 USD per VPN Server (No limits)

- NEW! - Starter Package - Complete setup from ZERO to working XC-UI
~ Package includes:
1- Information on what server to buy, with the best price to performance ratio on your budget and needs.
2- Setup, for Main Server and Load Balancers
3- Initial Test of functionalities (Streams, VOD, Serie and Radio)
4- 3 days included on "How to use" the panel

Price: 480 USD


Discord: Shin#3948
Telegram: @shinctl
Skype: live:.cid.432ba2a88986eb32